Destiny Library Catalog is the library catalog for Sumter School District and Sumter High School. Destiny can be accessed from school, home, or anywhere you can get Internet access. Destiny provides convenient 24/7 access to our ebooks and connects the library to the Sumter High community.
username: lhsgators
password: lakewood

DISCUS is a resource provided by the SC State Library. Students can find thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books available 24/7 through their online resources.

USATestprep, Inc. is recognized as a leader in curriculum resources and test prep for high schools. They have been helping students with high-stakes tests since 1998, and offers a multitude of review products for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, graduation level, career readiness, and college entrance assessments. Their programs are aligned to SC State Standards.  USATestprep offers more than practice questions.  It includes games, puzzles, videos, and enhanced technology activities – all aligned to SC State Standards.  USATestprep is a resource provided by Sumter School DistrictAccount ID:

Account ID: lakewoodsc
Student Activation Code: stu1769

ETV, partnering with the SC State Department of Education and the K-12 Technology Initiative, created StreamlineSC to improve and manage learning resources in South Carolina schools. Free for all South Carolina’s preK-12 community, including Public, Private and Home Schools, Child Care Centers, After-School Programs, Local Libraries, and Higher Education Institutions.

  • Community leaders and school officials can track and evaluate StreamlineSC utilization in the classroom;
  • Teachers now have resources that are easy to use and address specific school standards;
  • Students are empowered and engaged through the interactivity of the internet;
  • ETV is providing training, and will assist in integrating resources into lesson plans.

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