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Lakewood ID’s

All students at Lakewood will be required to wear a permanent ID on a lanyard every day. The cost for a replacement ID will be $5.00.


High School Honors Summer Reading Program

Students enrolled in honors level English courses should read the following novels critically over the summer in preparation for the class they are about to take. COURSE TITLE & AUTHOR English 1 Honors The Pearl, […]


Lakewood High School’s Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Herbert Johnson who was selected as Lakewood High School’s 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year! Mr. Johnson is a native of Sumter, SC. He received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Music Education degree from […]


PSAT Testing

  The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) will be administered to all second-year students on October 19, 2016. During the test, students may not have any electronic devices.  These devices include, but are not limited to cell […]


Student Parking Registration Information

Students must properly register their vehicle and obtain a parking decal to utilize parking areas on Lakewood on campus. To complete registration, a student must: Complete the “Alive at 25” course. To register go to: http://www.scaliveat25.com/stfindacourse.asp -Complete Lakewood’s […]