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ID Policy for Lakewood High School Students

  For safety reasons, it is critical that every person in the building wear an official Lakewood student ID, which is in its original issued condition.

This year, we want to reward each student for always having their ID on and always being on time to each class, with no tardys. Based on your response to our survey this past year, every student will have a new picture taken each year, only seniors will have a border, green and well deserved, and you may clip it or hang it, just like regular employees do in the real world. Students will still be able to earn their excellence pin during the first 2 weeks of school for always being on time to all classes and having their ID cards displayed. Students will have additional opportunities to earn additional academic and citizenship pins throughout the school year.

From the Principal

 With the close of the first semester for the 2014-2015 school year, I want to congratulate all those students who passed their classes and have prepared well for the second semester. As we continue to set goals and raise expectations for student progress and success, student attendance remains a challenge for many of our students.  Students must be in class every day, focusing on academics, and participating in their learning process. Staying focused now, at the beginning of the semester will prepare you for the remainder of the school year. As seniors get prepared to graduate, it remains critical that you finish all your requirements to graduate. I know many of our seniors are working to secure grants and scholarships to help pay for college. Your daily attendance is very important to this process.
Absences require that you turn in your excuses within the 3 day window in order for us to determine the validity of any absence, and for it to be excused. Excessive absences can result in the denial of credit for the class, even if a student has passed the class, and we have had some instances of credit being denied during the first semester. Parents, please work with your child to insure that he or she is at school each and every day, and monitor their progress on a daily routine. Working together, we are poised to continue towards being the PREMIER high school. Have a great second semester everyone!

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Thu, Jan 1 - Sat, Jan 31
School Board Appreciation Month
Wednesday, January 28
Report Cards Issued
Thursday, January 29
SCPTA District 13 Art Show
4:30 - 8:00  (FAC)


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